Semi Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine

Pharmaceutical production lines require a Semi Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine because it provides effective and comprehensive vial cleaning prior to filling. These sophisticated and precisely engineered equipment are made to comply with the strict hygiene requirements set by regulatory agencies like the FDA. Utilizing a multi-jet arrangement, they guarantee thorough cleaning of the inside surfaces of the vial, efficiently eliminating impurities, leftovers, and particle matter. This method minimizes the amount of water and detergent used while achieving the best cleaning results possible by combining water, cleaning chemicals, and compressed air. User-friendly interfaces make it simple for operators to monitor and control the washing process, enabling customization depending on cleaning parameters, washing cycles, and vial size. The semi-automatic capability provides flexibility for varying production needs and guarantees constant cleaning performance by striking a balance between automation and operator interaction.

Semi Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine

Technical Specification of Semi Automatic Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine




30 to 40 Cycles/Hour (Each cycle’s time will be of 58 seconds)

Ampoule Dia

10mm to 21.5mm

Ampoule Height

60mm to 140mm

Vial Dia

15mm to 56mm

Vial Height

56mm to 110mm

Overall Dimension

1100 mm LX 1050 mm W X 1200 mm H

Power Specification

1.0 HP, 3 PHASE, 440 VOLTS, 50 Hz, 4 Wire System

Change Part

– Multi-Jet Needles Plate
– Comby Trays


DM Water: 8 Liter/cycle
WFI Water: 8 Liter/cycle (Depend Up-On Cycle Time)
Air : 20 CFM @ 5 Bar


  • Efficiency
  • Thorough Cleaning
  • Flexibility
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compliance
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Reduced Risk of Contamination
  • Enhanced Product Quality

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