Online Visual Vial Inspection Conveyor Or Visual Inspection Booth

Our completely automated online visual vial inspection conveyor, vials may be quickly inspected as they travel along the conveyor belt. Only premium vials advance to the next stage of production thanks to the conveyor's sophisticated imaging technology, which can identify even the smallest flaws or impurities. You may quickly modify the system to satisfy your unique quality control requirements thanks to the system's configurable inspection parameters. Our visual inspection booth offers a controlled atmosphere for a full visual inspection of vials, facilitating a more thorough inspection process. With the use of magnifying equipment and brilliant LED lights, operators are able to precisely and accurately spot any flaws or irregularities in the vials. The booth's ergonomic features and height-adjustable settings make it easy to use and lessen operator fatigue during extended inspection sessions. For guaranteeing the integrity of your vials, whether you're making medicines, cosmetics, or other liquid-filled products, our online visual vial inspection conveyor and visual inspection booth are the ideal choices.

Online Visual Vial Inspection Conveyor

Technical Specification of Online Visual Vial Inspection Conveyor

Conveyor Length

Three Feet Length

Six Feet Length

Eight Feet Length


30 to 60 Vials/Min

60 to 120 Vials/Min

100 to 200 Vials/Min

No. of Operator

Two (1 X 1, Two Side Seated)

Four (2 X 2, Two Side Seated)

Six (3 X 3, Two Side Seated)

Power Supply

440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

Overall Dimension

1000mm L X 760mm W X 1325mm W

1800mm L X 760mm W X 1325mm W

2440mm L X 760mm W X 1325mm W

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